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Cleansing spell. As you go about your day, you come into contact with many people who all have different vibrations, negative and positive energies.

You may either realize it or not, you pick up small and big bits and also pieces of these people’s energies.

That’s where we bring up cleansing spells and rituals! it’s Sometimes lovely, uplifting, and recharging. Other times it can be draining, irritating, and downright depressing.

This is especially true for empathy, as they are more sensitive to these energies of this people, but even non-empaths will be picked up on the energies of those they meet.

It’s not just humans, but also. Objects, animals, and places can hold energies towards you, distributing them around like pollen in the wind!

Cleansing spell rituals is the simplest way to eliminate negative energy that where once left with you by you ex lovers or you got when you go though the day, but often we under mind the feeling of the weight of the old arguments of you ex-love or the negative that surrounds us thorough the day.

They can be as basic as smudging, most commonly with sage but can be done with a variety of herbs for specific intents. Salvia Shasta, for example, is used to warn of illness and to guide on spiritual journeys.

The first thing you do before moving into a new home is to smudge every room to ensure you aren’t being surrounded by someone else’s negative baggage and the negativity of you ex-love. To do this, move clockwise around each room 3 times, wafting the smoking smudge stick high in the air in front of you.

Cleansing rituals are also useful for clearing your mind and spirit before spell casting, or just to clear out the psychic cobwebs that are blocking you from visualizing intentions and reaching your goals.

There are a variety of ways that you can execute a cleansing ritual or spell. Most magic practitioners cleanse their own spirit daily, before performing or carrying any spell casting or rituals and before using any objects or tools for their castings.

In case you’re a beginner in spell casting, it’s a great idea to get into.

Not all of these ingredients are needed but it depends on what your attraction of selection towards archiving your cleansing goal.

Epson salts
Dried peppermint
Dried spearmint
Lemon oil
Ground black pepper (banishes negative energy)
Jasmine buds
Sacred lotus (enhances psychic enlightenment)
White sage
Organic bladder wrack

Just like most things are in this world, every person has their own preferred methods for doing cleansing spells and rituals. You can find a lot of different methods can be done during cleansing.

Some people always literally use bath using salt and also essential oils. Some also prefer to use candles, gemstones, and crystals. Some people always want to create their own tools for cleansing.

such as magical symbols used in spell casting and carrying out rituals, and others choose to say a simple chant during meditation to release these negative energies.

In This article am going to show you the procedures that you should follow when performing the candle cleansing spell.

Simple Candle Cleansing spells

This is one of the cleansing spells that I often do for my clients on Sundays, who have had a rough week and just need to feel refresh and be released from all of that negative energy that has increased.

so that they can enjoy their time off work over the weekend. Here are some of the procedures you should follow when you want to do it for yourself!

Light a white candle with a cleansing scent such as fresh linen (think laundry!).

Take three deep cleansing breaths (5 seconds of inhaling, 5 seconds of holding your breath, and then 5 seconds of exhaling).

Using your hands, “gather up” the negative energy within yourself, negative thoughts and feelings, and as you “push” them into the flame, blow it out.

Take three more cleansing breaths, and you’re done! the candle spell is often used in all spells such ex-love spells and others

Quartz Crystal Cleansing spells.

This method does require the use of a quartz crystal, but they are easily found in costume jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can also order a quartz amulet or pendulum online, or even just a stone by itself.

Using any size or color of quartz crystal, hold it in your hands and ‘charge it’ with your own positive energy.

Rub the crystal on your forehead, chin, chest, tummy, knees, and all the way down to your toes. Follow the center line of your body.
As you do this, imagine that you are collecting all the negative energy into the quartz-like magnet.

When you are finished, set the quartz stone outside under the moonlight to ‘recharge’ it for the next use. The negative energy it collected will dissipate naturally within 10 minutes.

If you do a lot of castings or readings for other people, you can use multiple quartz stones to cleanse yourself between rituals or readings.

No matter what method you choose for your own cleansing, they should leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to get a good night’s sleep, go about your day or begin your own castings for yourself or others.

You can also use this quartz crystal spell to you love relationship, this can be done when someone is giving a gift to his/her ex-love when spell casting


For the bath cleansing, you have to directed by a professional cleansing spell caster because in case of any mistake it may not work for you properly.

And also I will tell you the procedures of cleansing bath in the next article, for this article I was so much conquered about candle cleansing spells only which is often need by any person who are casting spells to their loved one

As we the professional spell casters, We have organised a cleansing kit and together we have put up a collection of the essentials tools for cleansing that you will need when cleansing your home from negative energy.

available here, are some of the collection of items which will provide a range of ways to cleanse with smoke.

It includes a portable cauldron, to perform a smoking ritual in each room of your house, white sage, sustainable Palo Santo wood, which has powerful cleansing properties which at times can be used to bring back your loved who had gone away from you.

Copal resin, and a piece of pink quartz, considered to be a powerful healing stone also used to strengthen your loved one’s feeling

In summary

I personally always perform a cleansing spell before I spell cast, as I find that it removes any chance of ‘cross-contamination’ of energies between me and the person I am spell casting.

Here are some of my three favorite cleansing rituals or spells that are so easy for anyone to do, even complete beginners “baby witch”! but remember that these rituals can also be used when spell casting you ex-lovers

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