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Dark Magic is a magic attribute that allows the user to generate and manipulate darkness in his/her will either for good reason or malicious reason.

Dark Magic is a magic attribute that allows the user to generate and manipulate darkness in his/her will either for good reason or malicious reason.

Well for this dark magic and black magic are not different just I will talk about dark magic in small.

if u want to understand more about dark magic go back and read about the black magic spell article and ex-love spells that I wrote, You will be able to know more about it more

Description of dark magic

This dark magic attribution allows the Practioner to generate and manipulate darkness at will.

The practitioner is able to use dark magic without the need of a grimoire.

Although, in order to use it to its fullest potential that will work effectively, specific magic spells are required, which are stored within grimoires.

Dark Magic has been described as the polar opposite of Light Magic, and one of the fundamental properties of dark magic is that it has low speed and requires more time to cast spells.

To overcome this disadvantage, certain mages utilize reinforcement.

Magic to channel dark Magic through a weapon and increase their physical attributes.

Another effect of Dark Magic is that it has the ability to absorb spells, namely from Light Magic, by creating small black holes or through dark spells cast at targets.

This magic is shown to be effective against a devil and cannot be manipulated by Kotodama Magic.

This magic is one of two attributes that are required for the Tree of Qliphoth to grow, alongside World Tree Magic.

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Practices classified as magic include divination, astrology, incantations, alchemy, sorcery, spirit mediation, and necromancy.

The term dark magic is also used colloquially in Western popular culture to refer to acts of conjuring and sleight of hand for entertainment.

The purpose of dark magic is to acquire knowledge, power, love, or wealth, to heal or remove off illness or in your danger.

Also to guarantee productivity or success in an endeavor, to overcome your enemies, to reveal secret information, to induce spiritual transformation as well as to entertain.

The effectiveness of dark magic is always determined by the performance and conditions of the magician or the practitioner.

who is known for his/her access to unseen forces and special knowledge of the appropriate words and actions to manipulate those forces.

Phenomena that are always confused with dark magic include forms of mysticism, medicine, paganism, heresy, witchcraft, shamanism, and superstition.

Dark Magic is sometimes divided into the “high” magic of the intellectual elite, bordering on science, and the “low” magic of common folk practices.

A distinction is also made between “black” magic, used for nefarious purposes, and “white” magic, ostensibly used for beneficial purposes.

Although these boundaries are often unclear, magical practices have a sense of “otherness” because of the supernatural power that is believed to be channeled through the practitioner.

who is a marginalized or stigmatized figure in some societies and a central one in others.

Elements of magic


The performance of dark magic involves some words like spells, incantations, charms, and symbolic numbers that are thought to have inner powers, natural, spiritual.

or man-made material objects, dark magic rituals action are performed by the magician or other participants.

A dark spell is believed to always draw its powers from spiritual agencies to be able to accomplish magic.

The knowledge of spells or symbolic numbers is often occult or secret, and the person who knows such knowledge can be greatly feared.

In some cases, the spell is the most highly regarded element of the magical ceremony.

Regardless of using the right words in the right way is essential to the efficacy of the rite being performed.

The power of words is thought to be so important to the extent that any mistake made in spell casting is believed to cause disasters for individuals or the community.

Moreover, spells often employ an esoteric vocabulary that adds to the respect accorded rites.


Many anthropological people refer to the objects used in dark magic as “medicines,” hence the popular use of the term medicine man for the magician.

These medicines include herbs, animal parts, gemstones, sacred objects, or props used in performance and are thought to be potent in themselves or empowered by incantations or rituals.

In some cases, medicines that are intended to heal are physiologically effective; for example.

the poppy is used widely as an anesthetic, willow bark is used by some Chinese as an analgesic, and garlic and onions were used as antibiotics in medieval Europe.

Other medicines that are meant to cause harm, such as toad extracts and bufadienolides, are, in fact, known poisons.

Other materials have a symbolic relationship to the intended outcome, as with divination from animal parts,

Rites and condition of the performer

Because dark magic is always based on performance, ritual, and the magician’s knowledge and ability play a significant role in its efficacy.

The performance of dark magic also presumes an audience, either the spiritual forces addressed the patient-client or the community.

Both the magician and the rite itself are concerned with the observance of taboos and the purification of the participants.

Magicians, like priests presiding over religious rituals, observe restrictions of diet or sexual activity to demarcate the rite from ordinary and profane activities, and to invest it with sanctity.

Modern magicians’ success with entertaining audiences is dependant primarily on their performance skills in manipulating material objects to create an illusion.

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