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Full Moon Love Spells

Full Moon Love Spells

Full Moon Love Spells. Full Moon brings the energy that can fulfill all your wishes. When we have the help of the Moon’s energy, we want to choose the right one. The phase of full Moon will enhance the effect of any love spell we perform. Since ancient times, people noticed that the full Moon has a strong impact on them, their behavior and activities. We see this celestial body in its full shine when it carries the most energy. This energy should be used for good causes. That is why the night of the full Moon is perfect for all things that concern love, the beginning of new relationships, or the intensification of passion. Now is the best time for someone to desire you, or to wake up his feelings for you. Whatever kind of love spells you perform during the full Moon, it is crucial that you have a strong desire and the belief that it will be accomplished. By positive thinking, you invoke the energy of the full Moon. We found ten mighty love spells that you can perform in the phase of full Moon. These are easy, and you’ll see these spells do not require a lot of ingredients. For most of them, you’ll need candles in the colors of love (red or pink), the stones you can get in the specialized shops, and the spices that each of us has in the kitchen. So let’s start.

 Full Moon will fill his heart with love

For these spells, get the pink and red candle, the pink gemstone (the Moonstone) and the apple. You also need a mixture of basil and cinnamon. Find a quiet, hidden place under a full Moon that transmits good energy. Bring a sheet or a little piece of red textile. Spread the sheet out and light up both candles. Take the Moon gemstone and pass it over the flames of both candles, and then place it on a sheet. From the apple pull out two seeds and while holding them in your hand, say the following chant: “In the light of the full moon, I plant the seed of our love.” Then put the seeds by the crystals, sprinkle it with the mixture of spices, remove the candles and gently collect the sheet. Take care that something does not come out of that binding. Tie it with a red thread and place it somewhere where no one will find it. Let the full Moon do its magic.

 Full Moon invokes his feelings

This spell will re-direct the energy of the Moon to your loved one. Take one white paper and a piece of coal. Wait for the Moon to appear on the horizon. Write the name of your love with charcoal on paper and watch it for a while. Direct your positive thoughts towards that person, and let the full Moon transfer good vibes to him. It’s important that you see your loved one the same day. If you talk to him, the vibes of love spell will be sent straight to him. This kind of magic doesn’t affect free will, so it won’t hurt anyone.

Full Moon and red candles for love

You break up with your boyfriend, and you do not know why. He does not call you, but you still love him. If you want to return the beloved one, and you are sure that there’s no third person, you can do this spell. You need to perform the ritual during the night of full Moon, tonight if it’s possible. You need a red candle where you will engrave the name of the person you want to return. Then put one needle in each letter of the name. The full moon energy will make that person think of you. If a person calls you in the near future, consider the spell successful.

 Love spell to bring your lover back

This is one of the easiest love spells. It requires only one object that belongs to your loved one. It can be something personal, like the pen or the lighter, or a piece of wardrobe. Take nine candles, and create a circle of them. Place a personal item of your loved one in the center. All this should be done under the full Moon. Light up the candles clockwise, and after the short thinking about your ex-lover, repeat the next chant seven times: “Dear Moon, you have an insight into the hearts of those who are in love, awaken XY’s feelings towards me, and become our lifelong protector.”

 The power of visualization in love spells

You can perform this simple love spell in the night of the full moon, before bedtime. Its point is visualization, which will be boosted with the energy of the Moon. Get into bed and think about the person you want for a while. Imagine how your relationship would look like. Where would you go out, where to go on vacation, what would you buy a partner for the first anniversary, etc. When we want something so much, there are more chances to fulfill that. All that you imagine, write down on a paper in the form of the affirmative sentences. Light the pink candle, and focus on the love you will give and receive in that relationship. Say aloud the most important thoughts that you wrote. This way, the love spell will be enforced by the energy of full Moon, and you send a signal to the universe that you are ready for love.

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