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Instant Job Spell

Instant Job Spell If you are looking for a good job with a salary that you want, then this is a great powerful, beginner magic spell for you. This spell can help those who are stuck in their jobs and have not been moving up like they thought they would with promotions and salary raises. You must have lots of positive energy and know that this spell will work for it to be effective. What you will need for this spell is an oval-shaped rose quartz stone.

Steps for Beginner Job Spell

For this spell to work, you will need to get up and start it at 6 AM. 2. Say what you want and visualize it. Focus on exactly what it is that you want. 3. Hold the stone in your right hand and then say the following spell words: “TAANEER MILNE MUJHKO PASANDEEDAAH HOYE.” These words and energy you are putting forth will activate the stone. 4. Keep the rose quartz stone in your pocket. 5. Now you will be successful when you go for that job, promotion, or salary raise. The stone’s energy will draw the energy of money to you. Be sure to keep the stone in your pocket for this spell to work.

Instant Lottery Spell

This is another form of a money spell. You may wish to win the lottery or win while gambling. This is a great beginner spell for you if this is the route you want to take. You must have strong, positive energy and be sure that the spell will work. This will help turn your luck around so that you can win. When you put this energy out there, you have to listen to your intuition as it is often the universe trying to tell you something. When you do this spell, the universe will help guide you to where you need to go and what you need to do to win that lottery or gamble. You will be led by your intuition on where and when to play to win. Again, you must be confident in yourself and know that the spell will work. Do not allow any negative thoughts or self-doubt to intrude or this will hinder the spell from working correctly. What you will need for this spell is lots of coins and a bowl of rosewater. You will receive what you need to know overnight while you are sleeping.

Steps for Instant Job Spell

Before you go to bed each night, do the following steps to cast this instant spell. 2. Take your bowl of rosewater with all of the coins in it. Touch the coins that are in the bowl and chant the following: “MORA PONITA PAISIE JOYE.” 3. Repeat this chant 200 times. 4. Now take your hand out of the bowl and touch your forehead with the water from the bowl. 5. After this, you can go to sleep. You will dream about everything you need to know to win the lottery or that gamble. If it’s hard for you to remember your dreams, keep a dream notebook right by your bed so as soon as you wake up, you can write down everything that you can remember before getting out of bed. The energy does the work that the spell directed it to do overnight, so take careful note of your dreams.

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